Research and Knowledge Transfer

I combine a long standing interest in visuality and visual culture with the widespread adoption of media technologies and media consumption in public space.

I have published research on the application of framing and multimodality to a variety of contemporary media spaces, for example, in news discourse, film and recently to urban screens (Allen 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014). Lately his work has concentrated on “augmented spaces” and in particular the use of large-scale LED screen displays in prominent city centre locations.

I have developed research strategies that assist in understanding media consumption in urban public space; visuality and embodiment in the built environment; the impact of rich-media on the experience of the urban; the investigation of curatorial practices and the management of artistic and creative content using augmented spaces and its impact on the experience of the city.

Recent publications

Allen, P. T. (2012) “Framing the Media Architectural Body.“,

Proceedings of the 4th Media Architecture Biennale Conference: Participation



Allen P.T. (2009): “Place and Locality in Augmented Public Space: a case study in  the site specific nature of urban screens.”,

Proceedings of the IEEE, Cyberworlds 2009.



Allen, P.T. (2008) “Framing, locality and the body in augmented public space.”,

in Aurigi, and Cindio, Augmented Urban Spaces. Ashgate Press.

ISBN: 978-0-7546-7149-7

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