Exploring Augmented Spaces: Workshop 31st October, University of Bradford

The School of Media, Design and Technology, University of Bradford will be hosting a Workshop on “Exploring Augmented Spaces” at the end of October. We’ll be discussing plans for future projects with a range of organisations. Early signs suggest that the use of of Augmented Reality in urban spaces is maturing into the next big thing. Especially when it comes to real applications in real spaces. We are particularly excited to be developing collaborative projects with the Bronte Parsonage Museum in Howarth, West Yorkshire and the City Connect Project that has been behind the recent development of cycleways across the Yorkshire region.

We are looking at augmented spaces from the perspective of the layering of media technologies, mobile displays and virtual objects in real spaces. We’re developing concepts and potential applications that will apply to both of the areas mentioned above: heritage and tourism, sustainable transport. But this is just the beginning! In addition, Bradford city centre has become an fantastic location for all kinds of public media events and we’ll be looking into how the experience of spaces such as the City Park in Bradford can be transformed with the introduction of augmented reality, virtual objects and similar forms of media and display technology.

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