Creativity and Imagination: a new beginning

The first lecture for our module Creativity and Imagination takes place on Tuesday morning, 26th September at 11:00. And, I wanted to show students that I do actually use the techniques that we will be promoting in the module in my own work.

Whether you are an architect, a film maker, games designer, whatever! The use of sketchbooks are a integral part of your practice. These days, of course, there are many digital ways of facilitating our creativity. But, it is my view that keeping a sketchbook can have many benefits way beyond these digital alternatives. In fact, I tend to use a combination of tools, both physical, as in a sketch book, and online, in the form of a blog.

I use the sketchbook as a way of generating new ideas and just simply as a visual and tactile record of some of the things that are going on in my life. The blog comes in handy when I have formulated my ideas a bit and I am planning the creation of a product or starting a new project on the basis of some of the things that have come up earlier in the sketchbook.

In a similar way, as a student on this module, you will be playing with new concepts and ideas in the sketchbook and scoping the out a bit and then publishing material and annotations that have been formed and given shape and are ready for you to share with an audience online.


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