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This blog is developed by Patrick Allen, Senior Lecturer in New Media, University of Bradford, UK.

It is intended to discusses a wide range of issues related to visuality, new media and public space.

Visuality: is applied to the teaching of a range of skills and competencies – as in Visual Literacy –  across a range of creative disciplines: from animation, games and web design, art, design and photography, film-making etc. The blog also develops many of the philosophical and phenomenological themes and issues associated with the Visual. For example, the body and embodiment has emerged as a major theme in relation to the interpretation of images.

New Media: the impact of technology on the role of the Visual in contemporary communications and media is considerable, or so it is argued. But New Media’s central position in relation to arguments and concepts associated with images and visual modes of communicating needs to be tested and empirical strategies created to substantiate these arguments. New Media provides the mechanics and the physical resources that mediate the visual as well as the body’s relation to images as a mode of communication.

Public Space: are both Visuality and New Media responsible for transformations in the experience of urban and public space? Over the last few years a number of case studies, professional development programmes and curatorial initiatives have brought these issues together. The blog is an opportunity to dwell upon and explore these issues.

This blog covers various different strategies, levels of interpretation, from teaching and professional practice to blue skies research, all done in the light of the above distinctions:

  • it develops scholarship and research into the pedagogy (learning and teaching) related to the visual, visual literacy and communication
  • it contributes to the very latest research into the planning and interpretation of contemporary media spaces
  • it discusses theoretical insights and analytical approaches to the understanding more generally of Visual Culture and Urban Space.

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